Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Flu----part 2

We had a super fun and busy Friday and Saturday. The birthday party on Friday was fun, and my friend made her super yummy homemade salsa to snack on. Saturday morning was carving pumpkins with cousins, and at night we went to our churche's Fiesta Chili Cook Off which was super fun too. On Sunday morning we made it to our first church service so the kids could sing with the Cherub choir from school, but DS and I never made it to our regular church. He had the dreaded tummy ache. At first I thought it was due to the umpteen pieces of pizza he ate while be babysat at a friend's house on Saturday night. I realized it was not when his two sisters also started to complain of not feeling well. That makes two weekends in a row that the bug has hit. Everyone stayed home from school on Monday, and hubby and I were a little under the weather also. Luckily, everyone was good to go the next day and went to school. The flu has been battering alot of the school districts near and far, and the scary thing is that it's not even the usual peak season for the flu. I guess I will be stepping up the healthy eating and vitamins for the kids, and hope it wards off the worst of the germs.

(I am adding that oldest DD was home from school again today (Wed,) I just heard that a child in the community tested positive for swine flu. Germs, stay far away from here!!!)

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