Sunday, October 18, 2009

Blue Zoo Flu

The kids in the Blue Zoo had the flu.
Luckily momma knew what to do.
She gave them some meds,
and sent them to their beds,
They felt better in the morning---yahoo.

Yesterday was a day of droopys. All three of the kids had some type of virus. They sat around, snuggled under their blankets, all glassy eyed and quiet. That is not the norm for them at all. Two of them were running fevers, so Momma had to make the rounds several times with the thermometer to monitor them. Upon arising this morning all fevers are gone and they are acting more like themselves. Prayers were definitely answered. Of course, Papa said he has a headache and went back to bed for a while. That means my last kid is now fighting the good fight against germs. Hopefully he will bounce back soon, and Momma will remain immune!!!
As you can see from the picture above, the kids actually listened to me and drank lots and lots of hot liquids. Hot tea and hot cocoa were the drinks of choice. I just wish they would feel well enough to do up their dishes. :-)

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