Friday, October 30, 2009

Happily Ever After.......................................

Once upon a time there was a squash named Miss Pattypan who dreamed of getting married and raising a family. As she sat sunning herself in the patch one day, a she spied the most handsome veggie ever.

It was Mr. Pumpkin. Miss Pattypan knew he was from the wrong side of the patch, but he was so handsome she knew she could not live without him. Mr. Pumpkin found Miss Pattypan to be wonderful also, and they quickly fell in love, married and began to raise a family.

These are their three children.

(We did not even plant pumpkins or pattypan squash this year. In a remote area of the garden these funky looking hydrids popped up, and I quickly deduced who the parents were.)

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